Real Estate
If there is one thing that we have learned from the past 20 years in the real estate industry is that "people hate salespeople." That is why at Vivega Construction take a different approach: that of  "Trusted Advisor" or "Consultant."
Commitment, Empowerment and Accountability
Building and Construction Service’s safety culture begins with commitment from the top down and creates a culture that not only controls costs, but also creates an environment to protect our workers from injury.
Our first line supervisors are our front-line defense against safety problems. By providing them with incentive programs that are based on a comparison of each individual’s performance with all other job sites, our employees are empowered, and trained, to ensure safe performance and compliance with company procedures and regulations. Our program is described in full in our Safety Manual, which is issued to all Project Managers and Project Superintendents.
Insurance Company Oversight
Our insurance company has a Safety Engineer who visits and inspects each of our jobsites on a monthly basis. We work closely with our insurance carrier to develop and apply new techniques and programs designed to improve safety awareness and performance.
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